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Newcastle Skin Check research

Constantly striving for breakthrough treatments

At Newcastle Skin Check, we are committed to skin cancer research, constantly striving for new breakthrough treatments and cures. We are currently involved in a multi-centre study with Professor Scott Menzies & Associates, The Sydney Melanoma Diagnostic Centre, and The Melanoma Institute of Australia.

The study looks at high risk Melanoma patients and the use of total body photography and digital dermoscopic monitoring. The ‘high risk clinic’ will be run by Drs Azzi and Lilleyman every Wednesday afternoon.

Newcastle Skin Check research

Do you qualify?

We have started recruiting patients for this four-year study, do you think you would be suitable?

To qualify, one of the following inclusion criteria must be met:
1.      A personal history of two or more invasive Melanomas
2.      A personal history of one invasive Melanoma with either
         a.      Dysplastic Naevus Syndrome (≥ 100 moles, and ≥
                6  dyplastic naevi, and ≥ 1 more ≥ 8mm in diameter)
         b.      ≥ Three 1 st  or 2 nd  degree relatives with Melanoma
3.      Genetic markers for Melanoma (CDKN2A or CDK4 Melanoma prone
        gene mutations)

Newcastle Skin Check clinic
For more information about this study, call Newcastle Skin Check today on  02 4032 8700
221 Charlestown Road, Charlestown, NSW 2290
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