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Private Day Surgery

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Our friendly reception staff will book your day surgery as indicated by your doctor, and provide you with the required admission forms. You may be required to stop taking certain medications prior to your surgery, specifically any blood thinning medications, including Fish Oil. Please inform you doctor which medications your are currently taking, to receive accurate instructions.

Admission Forms

If you have been booked for day surgery you will need to complete admission paperwork. These forms need to be completed and sent to the hospital at least one week prior to your surgery.

Complete online for Charlestown Private Hospital Complete online for Lingard Private Hospital


We have a no-gap policy for our day surgery, meaning all costs will be covered by your private health fund, for the surgeon and anaesthetist. If you have an excess to pay to your health fund you will be out of pocket this expense. It is payable to the hospital on the day of your procedure. 

The hospital staff will contact you the day before your procedure to inform you of your admission time. As you will be administered a light sedative anaesthetic for the surgery, you will not be permitted to drive for the remainder of the day so please ensure that someone is able to pick you up afterwards. A local or general anaesthetic is not routinely administered but may be available. 

Post-Operative Care

Following your procedure, your doctor will give you instructions for post-operative care. This will generally require you to make an appointment with our nursing staff. Please phone the clinic or book online as soon as possible.

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